Submissions from 2014

Painted Rumble Stripes: Alternatives to Raised Pavement Markers (RPMs), Thomas M. Brennan Jr, Stuart R. Mikey, and Darcy M. Bullock

"Elemental Decomposition and Multi-Criteria Method for Valuing Transportation Infrastructure Elemental Decomposition and Multi-Criteria Method for Valuing Transportation Infrastructure ", Michelle S. Dojutrek and Samuel Labi

Graphical Performance Measures for Practitioners to Triage Split Failure Trouble Calls, Richard S. Freije, Alexander M. Hainen, Amanda L. Stevens, Howell Li, W Benjamin Smith, Hayley Summers, Christopher M. Day, James R. Sturdevant, and Darcy M. Bullock

I-65/I-70 South Split Pavement Reconstruction: Documentation & Quantitative Analysis Using Time Lapse Photography, Steven Lavrenz, Teresa Morris, and Darcy M. Bullock

Winter Storm Interstate Travel Times (January 5, 2014 Storm), Michelle Mekker and Darcy M. Bullock

Examining the Impact of Pavement Rehabilitation Trigger Values and Annual Rehabilitation Funding on the Long-term Network-Level Pavement Condition: A Case Study with the Indiana State Urban Road Network, Menna Noureldin, Jon D. Fricker, and Kumares C. Sinha

Striping Truck Utilization Project, Jon R. Padfield and James Handy

Concrete Conductivity: Effects of temperature, saturation and air content, Parth Panchmatia, Jan Olek, Nancy Whiting, Mike Byers, and Tommy Nantung

2013-14 Indiana Interstate Mobility Summary, Steve M. Remias, Howell Li, and Darcy M. Bullock