Reliability, Flexibility, and Environmental Impact of Alternative Arterial Offset Optimization Objective Functions

Christopher Day, Purdue University
Thomas Brennan, Purdue University
Alexander Hainen, Purdue University
Stephen Remias, Purdue University
Hiromal Premachandra, Purdue University
James Sturdevant, Indiana Department of Transportation
Greg Richards, Indiana Department of Transportation
Jason Wasson, Indiana Department of Transportation

This is the author-accepted manuscript version of Day, C.M., T.M. Brennan, A.M. Hainen, S.M. Remias, H. Premachandra, J.R. Sturdevant, G. Richards, J.S. Wasson, and D.M. Bullock, “Reliability, Flexibility, and Environmental Impact of Alternative Objective Functions for Arterial Offset Optimization,” Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 2259, Transportation Research Board of the National Academies, Washington, D.C., pp. 8–22, 2011, copyright National Academy of Sciences.

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