The Utility Accommodation Policy (UAP) is a collection of the regulations and practices to control the utility occupancy of all public highway rights-of-way under jurisdiction of the different States. UAPs not only help to regulate the installation of new utilities and the renovation of the currently installed by construction companies, subcontractors, and utilities companies, but also provide a framework to develop and preserve a safe roadside and to minimize possible interferences and impairment to the highway, its structures, appearance, safe operation, construction and maintenance. According to FHWA (2002) “Present FHWA regulations, policies, and practices dealing with utility relocation and accommodation matters have evolved from basic principles established decades ago, with many of the policies remaining unchanged.” It is therefore imperative to develop a utility accommodation policy that reflects the current needs of the industry. The current utility accommodation policy of the State of Indiana (policy) was adopted on September 10, 1990. It was revised on March 26, 1998 to include the placement of telecommunication towers within highway right-of-way of partial or full access control. In order to achieve an effective accommodation of existing and new utilities, INDOT’s current Utility Accommodation Policy (UAP) was revisited and analyzed by comparing UAPs in mid-west states and incorporating experts opinions from INDOT and related industry. The advances in construction technologies such as trenchless technology and Subsurface Utility Engineering as well as the demands for new types of utilities, and issues related right-of-way, permits, appurtenances, emergency responses, etc. were analyzed and the implications of these were addressed in INDOT’s new UAP.

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Utility Accommodation Policy, Utility Relocation, Utility Permit, Utility, Department of Transportation, Subsurface Utility Engineering, Trenchless Technology, Right-of-Way, SPR-2775

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