Throughout the state of Indiana, there a number of older, historical bridges which have been in service since the late 19th century. Many, although not all, of these bridges are truss structures comprised either partially or completely of wrought iron members. Moreover, most of them need some degree pf maintenance or rehabilitation. However, engineers who must recommend repair or rehab operations typically do not know the material properties and behavior of wrought iron members. Consequently, an investigation was initiated to review and classify typical material properties of wrought iron members. This investigation involved three phases that included a literature review of other research and bridge rehabilitation studies, a survey of many transportation agencies throughout Indiana and the United States, and fundamental material and mechanical testing in the laboratory. Based upon this research, rehabilitation and repair recommendations for wrought iron members in existing bridges were then developed.

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historic bridges, bridge rehabilitation, wrought iron, truss bridges, repair procedures, rehabilitation, welding, SPR-2655

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Joint Transportation Research Program

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