Although a statewide trip table is an important ingredient in the statewide planning process, such information is difficult to obtain. The study described in this report investigated the applicability to the state-level problem of existing software developed to estimate trip tables in urban areas (or smaller) from link counts. Criteria that would form the basis for determining the applicability of any particular software package were developed. Packages such as The Highway Emulator (THE), PC-LINKOD, and Fast Matrix Calibration (FMC) were tested using small and medium sized networks. Because FMC performed the best on these tests, it was applied to the state-level trip table estimation problem. However, FMC was designed to update an existing trip table, and Indiana had no such previous trip table. As a result, an “O-D Factoring” procedure was adopted to convert zone-by-zone origin and destination totals into an initial trip table that could be updated by FMC. By making some adjustments to the elasticities in FMC, a trip table was developed for the Indiana state highway network.

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trip table estimation, state highway networks, origins, destinations, HPR-2068

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Joint Highway Research Project

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