This research was conducted to test the feasibility of using existing video-detection techniques for counting turning volumes with a portable installation. This was accomplished by integrating a forty-five foot mechanical tower mounted on a van with two video detection systems, Autoscope and VideoTrak. The research project has produced results in three categories: prototype methods of counting turning volumes, evaluation results, and general specifications of a portable video-based system for counting vehicles at intersections. The method based on spot detection uses redundancy of data (more spots than movements) to improve the results quality. The method for VideoTrak one-dimensional tracking classifies maneuvers based on the location where vehicles enter and exit a tracking strip. Both the evaluated methods in their current versions do not meet the accuracy expectations expressed by the INDOT representatives. The general system specifications were developed to help build a prototype unit. The biggest challenge is the structure of the system that has to be portable, stable during data collection, and protected against tempering with. The authors advise postponing building a prototype system by the time needed to develop satisfactory image processing and interpretation software for identifying vehicles’ maneuvers at intersections.

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video detection, counting vehicles, turning movement, Autoscope, VideoTrak, SPR-2394

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Joint Transportation Research Program

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