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This report entitled "Engineering Soils Map of Blackford County, Indiana," completes a portion of the long-term project concerned with the development of county engineering soils maps of the 92 counties in the state of Indiana. This is the 86th report of the series. The report was prepared by Andrew Garrigus, Research Assistant, Joint Highway Research Project, under my direction. The soils mapping of Blackford County was done primarily by the analysis of landforms and associated parent materials as portrayed on stereoscopic aerial photographs. Extensive additional information on the soils was obtained from the soil survey and publications of the Soil Conservation Service, USDA. Test data from roadway and bridge projects was supplied by IDOT. Generalized soil profiles for the landform/parent material areas mapped are shown on the engineering soils map. A print of the engineering soils map of Blackford County is included at the end of the report.

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soils, map, Henry County, Indiana

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Joint Highway Research Project

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West Lafayette, IN

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