With increase in axle loads, tire pressures and volume of truck traffic there has been an increase in the rate of which bituminous pavements are exhibiting rutting. Because resistance to rutting can be increased by the addition of crushed aggregate, a need exists for a method of determining what amount of crushed material is required and the characteristics of that crushed material to optimize performance and economy.

The Accelerated Testing Facility will be located at the INDOT Research Division Facilities in West Lafayette, Indiana. A pit within the Test Facility will allow prototype scale pavement sections to be installed. An Accelerated Testing System has been designed that will span the pit and incorporate the capability to apply moving wheel loads. Materials used in the test sections as well as environment and loading conditions will be controlled. Structural damage will be scaled by increasing the load so that greater pavement damage is incurred by each pass of the load. Rutting distress will be scaled by increasing asphalt mixture temperature and thereby decreasing the mixture stiffness. Reduced stiffness would increase rutting distress with each load that passes.

A number of pavement materials, structure and loading factors can be evaluated in the facility. Subsequent phases of the study will address the relative performance of asphalt mixtures prepared with varying amounts crushed aggregate.

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rutting, accelerated testing, structural damage, simulated traffic, crushed aggregate requirements

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Joint Highway Research Project

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