The purpose of this research has been the design of a computer-based decision support system for use in the design of service routes on the Indiana intrastate highway system. The following work has been completed for this purpose:

1) Acquisition of a 1:100,000 scale DLG data representation of the entire state transportation network.

2) Reclassification of those data with the aid of a computer-based interactive data filter and participation by DOT maintenance personnel from 6 districts.

3) Development of several route design algorithm components designed specifically for addressing the problem of routing snow and ice control vehicles for INDOT.

4) Design, development, and testing of a graphical user interface (GUI) to facilitate the use of these algorithms by an experienced highway engineer faced with designing service routes.

5) Training of key INDOT personnel in the use of this system.

6) Testing of this system by using it to design service routes for several sub segments of the Indiana transportation system (under development).

7) Assisting INDOT Data Services personnel in the implementation of this design (under development).

The preliminary testing results on the Carbondale unit show that significant savings can be obtained while adhering to the requirements of INOOT, and in addition, even better service may be provided.

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decision support system, service route design, data classification, graphical user interface, heuristic optimization

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Joint Highway Research Project

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