This study evaluates the existing resources and procedures of INDOT’s current traffic monitoring program, with the objective of transforming this program into a comprehensive Traffic Monitoring System for Highways (TMS/H). Reliable traffic data is a valuable input for studies and decision-making at various levels and in various phases of highway management including planning and design, finance and taxation, legislation and safety. The nature and scope of the various components comprising a TMS/H for any state were identified in available literature such as the Federal Register and Traffic Monitoring Guide. A complete inventory of the existing resources (personnel and equipment) and procedures used for field data collection and office-based data processing were compiled and evaluated for adequacy and/or accuracy and appropriateness by matching them with requirements stated in available literature to ensure compliance with ISTEA recommendations. In general, the existing traffic monitoring program was found to be adequate in meeting the needs of most management systems, with the exception of vehicle classification monitoring at sections having ‘abnormal’ traffic conditions. For the Continuous Count program, a large number of additional classification ATR stations are recommended while very few additional WIM sites are needed. All HPMS sample sections and NHS segments are covered under the existing program, although a lack of resources sometimes limits the frequency of data collection. Also, a new schedule for coverage counts is proposed to place greater emphasis on NHS roads and high-growth areas of the state. A new database system is recommended to effectively address data management issues. Also, documentation of field operations and office factoring procedures was carried out in this study. With the recommendations from this study, INDOT intends to streamline its overall data collection activities and to improve the accuracy, adequacy, timeliness, and delivery of data to the end-users.

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traffic monitoring, management systems, highway performance monitoring system, continuous counts, coverage counts, national highway system, vehicle occupancy, database system, adjustment factors, HPR-0438

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