The Indiana Department of Transportation was among the first to adopt the Superpave mixture design method and relevant specifications. When the National Center for Asphalt Technology decided to build a pavement test track, the Indiana Department of Transportation saw an opportunity to validate the mixture design method. It participated in the test track pooled fund study by sponsoring two pavement sections that were part of a larger investigation involving ten pavement test sections. Further, efforts were made to establish rutting performance relationships between the Accelerated Pavement Tester, the Purdue Wheel Laboratory Tracker, and the in-service pavement as represented by the test track. The results show that the Superpave mixture design method and specifications do provide well-performing hot-mix asphalt mixtures with respect to permanent deformation. Also, direct comparisons between the Accelerated Pavement Tester and the test track, and the Purdue Wheel Laboratory Tracker and the test track do exist. Finite element modeling techniques were also used to model rutting development. The finite element modeling suggests that such an approach may be capable of relating the accelerated and in-service results even better than direct comparison.

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accelerated pavement testing, rutting, full-scale test track, SPR-2199

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Joint Transportation Research Program

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