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Waterborne paints are used to paint pavement markings (edgelines and centerlines) to provide guidance for motorists. The painted markings need to be repainted periodically as their retro-reflectivity deteriorates. The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) repaints pavement markings at least annually. INDOT engineers would like to determine the feasibility of extending the time intervals of repainting pavement markings on at least some types of roadways. The purpose of this synthesis study is to accomplish the following: (1) to locate and assemble documented information on pavement marking durability; (2) to learn what criteria have been used in other states in measuring retro-reflectivity and scheduling pavement marking painting; (3) to determine the necessity of conducting full scale study on INDOT pavement markings; (4) to identify the type and cost of equipment required for retro-reflectivity measurements and conditions of operation of the equipment; (5) to organize, evaluate, and document the useful information that is acquired; and (6) to provide recommendations based on the evaluated information. This report presents the findings of the synthesis study on various pavement marking materials. It was found in this study that many state highway agencies have evaluated several types of pavement marking materials. The evaluation results include performance, cost, service life, and retro-reflectivity measuring equipment of marking materials. However, the results could vary from different sates. The information gathered through this study will provide INDOT engineers the state-of-practice of pavement marking materials in this country.

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pavement marking, retro-reflectivity, waterborne paints, thermoplastics, epoxy, SPR-3000

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