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The objectives of this research were: 1. To classify maintenance facilities by ten or fewer “typologies” (categories) to analyze storm water collection and drainage from the sites and to estimate the cost of installing or implementing Best Management Practices (BMPs), identified by INDOT, to prevent or reduce contamination of the drainage that migrates to waters of the state; 2. To prepare an Environmental Management System (EMS) modeled on the ISO 14001 Standard and “pilot” the EMS in an INDOT District; conduct EMS Awareness training for affected employees. The research included the conduct of on-site operations and environmental assessments at 50 INDOT maintenance facilities and the subsequent grouping of these facilities into 5 scoring categories to facilitate estimating the cost of upgrading each facility to the next higher category and to the highest scoring category. Costs for facilities in each category and for all categories are provided and a cost per funding cycle is estimated. An Environmental Management System Manual, conforming to the ISO 14001:2004 Standard was prepared with the INDOT EMS Committee. The EMS is intended to apply to all employees and all contractors statewide. Employee training and full implementation of the EMS will be completed in late 2007. INDOT intends to seek third-party certification of its EMS. The 50 Facility Site Assessment Reports and the EMS Manual are included in this report.

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storm water controls, best management practices, BMPs, BMP costs, ISO 14001, environmental management system, EMS, SPR-2854

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