Superpave 5 (SP 5) has the ability to slow asphalt binder aging in asphalt pavements, which is why the SP 5 mix with optimum asphalt binder content to yield 5% air voids has recently been used in Indiana roads. INDOT also uses the AASHTOWare Pavement ME design software in pavement design, and the current asphalt aging prediction model in Pavement ME was developed based on the conventional Superpave asphalt mixture (design air voids 4%) design method. For the successful use of the SP 5 mixture design method with Pavement ME, the input level and input parameters play a significant role. The objective of this study was to determine pavement performance using the three different input levels (Level 1, 2, and 3) and to recommend the necessary Pavement ME input parameters for SP 5 mixtures for accurate pavement performance prediction. The results show that Levels 2 and 3 are underpredicting or overpredicting the pavements’ distresses. Therefore, to capture the benefit of SP 5 pavement design, the Level 1 inputs (lab test results) were recommended for the Pavement ME. The findings of this research will provide guidance on using accurate input parameters for the Pavement ME design for SP 5 mixtures, resulting in more accurate asphalt pavement performance predictions during the pavement design process. It is anticipated that this will result in longer asphalt pavement service lives, which is a cost-effective benefit for INDOT.

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asphalt mixture, Superpave 5, input level, pavement ME, pavement performance

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Joint Transportation Research Program

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