Lane departure crashes are a leading cause of fatalities and injury crashes on roadways. To solve this problem, innovative marking in the form of contrasted white on concrete sections and orange marking in work zones were evaluated for their safety benefits. A highway safety manual approach was taken to evaluate the crash reduction benefits from each marking design. Orange marking in work zones were also evaluated for their speed, lane keeping, and lane choice effects. A survey of drivers was conducted on orange markings to ascertain public opinion, the survey indicated the potential for wide public acceptance of the new marking color on Indiana roadways. The overall findings suggest that contrast pavement markings decrease lane departure crashes from between 42% and 44%. For orange markings, a speed reducing effect of 4 mph was found in work zones and a 74% reduction in lane departure crashes. Lane centering and lane position in work zones with orange marking was also investigated.

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orange pavement markings in work zones, contrast pavement markings, work zone crash reduction.

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Joint Transportation Research Program

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West Lafayette, Indiana

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