The ergonomic injuries and solutions have been extensively studied in the construction industry; however, the prevalence of work-related injuries, risky activities, and effective solutions in the transportation industry are not understood. This study aims to explore the prevalence of work-related injuries, risky activities, and potentially ergonomic solutions among transportation workers. The approach to this study included exploration of worker type, injury types, and activities of top concern through historical injury data and an online survey, and proposal and evaluation of ergonomic solutions through onsite observations and field experiments. Results from this study found that back injuries were the most common type of injury sustained. Performing lifting and pushing/pulling activities have caused the most injuries. Back exoskeletons and ergonomic handles were identified as potential solutions to help reduce the risk of injury. Additionally, higher platforms were also suggested to help prevent workers from being forced to perform activities by exerting their back excessively.

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worker-related injuries, transportation maintenance, ergonomics, exoskeleton, safety, health

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Joint Transportation Research Program

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