The adoption of dashboards and tools into Traffic Management Centers (TMC) has been growing with advancements in connected vehicle (CV) data. These tools are now being utilized—not only for analyzing work zones, severe crashes, winter operations, and traffic signals—but also to provide measures for characterizing overall system mobility, resiliency, and after-action assessments. Previous studies have extended the concepts to include the enhanced trajectory-based CV data into dashboards that aid agencies in assessing and managing roadways. This study presents the extension of these tools that further improve the value and insights provided. It also highlights the evolution of CV data in Indiana. CV data in Indiana has grown to over 364 billion statewide records. Average overall penetration rate of CV data on interstates has increased to 6.32% in May 2022 with trucks accounting for 1.7%. Sections of this study also present the impact of rain intensity on interstate traffic and incorporation of such weather data into heatmap and other tools. Updates to existing dashboards and a summary of newly developed dashboards are synopsized in this report. Finally, this report presents a case study that highlights the use of these tools to assess and analyze the impact of tornadoes on interstate traffic in Indiana. As interest in these tools has grown, this project facilitated continued improvements and added features to meet the needs of INDOT and their partners.

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connected vehicle data, trucks, penetration rate, weather data, dashboards, tornado impact

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Joint Transportation Research Program

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