This study introduces imaging technology to determine the bulk specific gravity (Gmb) of compacted asphalt mixture specimens. Using an advanced three-dimensional scanner, a fast, accurate technique for determining compacted asphalt mixture specimen Gmb was developed. The feasibility of this technique was evaluated by testing a collection of asphalt mixtures, including dense-graded and stone mastic asphalt mixtures. The results were compared with those obtained using the currently-specified Gmb measurement methods of AASHTO T166 and CoreLok. The proposed scanning technique was also used for both laboratory-prepared and field-cored specimens to determine its reliability and reproducibility. The study results suggest the proposed imaging technique is effective in decreasing Gmb measurement variation as well as in improving the accuracy and reproducibility. Additionally, the results indicate the proposed technique can be applied to any asphalt specimen, regardless of mixture type, aggregate sizes, or fabrication technique.

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imaging technique, bulk specific gravity, AASHTO-T166, CoreLok, scanner, asphalt mixture

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Joint Transportation Research Program

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West Lafayette, IN

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