As a public agency, interacting with and understanding the public’s perspective regarding agency activities is an important endeavor for the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT). Although INDOT conducts a biennial customer satisfaction survey, it is occasionally necessary to capture public perception regarding more specific aspects of INDOT’s activities. In particular, INDOT needs an effective way to measure and track public opinions and awareness or understanding of a select set of its traffic engineering practices. To evaluate public acceptance of specific INDOT traffic engineering activities, a survey consisting of 1,000 adults residing within the State of Indiana was conducted. The survey population was representative in terms of age and gender of the state as of the 2010 U.S. Census. The survey was administered during the months of July and August 2020. Public awareness regarding emerging treatments not currently implemented in Indiana is low and opposition to the same new technologies is prominent. Older or female drivers are less likely to be aware of emerging treatments, and older drivers are more likely to oppose potential implementation of these treatments. Although roundabouts are commonplace in Indiana, multi-lane roundabouts remain controversial among the public. Regarding maintenance and protection of traffic during work zones and considering full or partial roadway closure, public preference is for partial closure; this preference is stronger in rural areas. The public equally agrees and disagrees that INDOT minimizes construction related traffic delays. Approximately 76% of Indiana drivers believe themselves to above average drivers, while an additional 23% believe themselves to be average. Driver perceptions of average highway speeds speed are not aligned with posted speed limit as the perceived average speed on Indiana’s urban freeways and rural and urban state highways is considerably higher than the actual speed limit.

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public opinion, traffic engineering, interchange designs, acceptance, survey

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