The loss of functionality and the development of distress in concrete pavements is often attributable to the poor subbase and subgrade conditions and/or loss of support due to the development of the voids underneath the slab. Subgrade soil stabilization can be used as an effective approach to restore the functionality of the subgrades in patching projects. This research had two main objectives: (1) identifying the best practices for soil stabilization of the existing subgrade during pavement patching operations and (2) identifying and developing new, modified grouting materials for slab stabilization and undersealing. Various stabilization scenarios were tested and showed improved performance of the subgrade layer. The use of geotextile along with aggregate course was found to significantly reduce the settlement. Non-removable flowable fill was also found to significantly reduce the subgrade settlement. Cement-treated aggregate and lean concrete provided the best performance, as they prevented formation of any noticeable settlement in the underlying subgrade.

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subgrade stabilization, concrete pavements, repairs, slab undersealing

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Joint Transportation Research Program

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West Lafayette, IN

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