Construction inspection is a critical component of INDOT’s quality assurance (QA) program. Upon receiving an inspection notice/assignment, INDOT inspectors review the plans and specifications to identify the construction quality requirements and conduct their inspections accordingly. This manual approach to gathering inspection requirements from textual documents is time-consuming, subjective, and error-prone. This project addresses this critical issue by developing an inspection requirements database along with a set of tools to automatically gather the inspection requirements and provide field crews with customized construction checklists during the inspection with the specifics of what to check, when to check, and how to check, as well as the risks and the actions to take when noncompliance is encountered. This newly developed toolset eliminates the manual effort required to acquire construction requirements, which will enhance the efficiency of the construction inspection process at INDOT. It also enables the incorporation of field-collected data to automate future compliance checking and facilitate construction documentation.

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quality assurance, construction inspection, risk assessment, knowledge management, ontology, digital inspection system, construction inspection, automatic and dynamic checklist, natural language processing

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