The Indiana Department of Transportation maintains 17 rest area locations with 28 separate rest area facilities located on interstates for driver safety and convenience. Although the rest areas provide many benefits to the traveling public, the rest areas do not earn direct profits. Moreover, the Indiana Department of Transportation is increasingly challenged by inadequate funding from taxes generated on the interstates. Constrained by Title 23, that prohibits the commercialization and the privatization of the rest areas, the state of Indiana has a high interest in sustainable sources of revenue at the rest areas that would be able to promote the states and facilities tourism and commerce. The benefits that can be recognized by taking up this project are (i) higher revenues for the INDOT (ii) cost savings wherever possible (iii) environmental benefits (iv) better services and safety measures for overnight travelers (v) partnerships with local businesses.

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rest area, self-sustainable, energy efficient, better service, increased safety, local business promotion, technologically advanced, innovative solutions, future transportation system development, customer-centric amenities

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