The Collision Diagram Builder–Corridor Edition (Corridor CDB) is a tool developed by the Center for Road Safety at the request of the Indiana Department of Transportation. The primary objective of the tool is to expand the existing Collision Diagram Builder to make it useful for analyzing spatial patterns of various types of crashes at multiple intersections and on segments in corridors and networks of a considerable size. The Corridor CDB displays crashes at major intersections, and between these intersections, on roads divided by the user into short segments that allow analysis of crash grouping between intersections.

The new CDB is useful for large crash pattern analysis at the corridor level with multiple major and minor intersections and segments between these intersections. Corridor CDB includes an editing tool to define a study corridor as a collection of intersections, segments, and facilities and imports all crashes that occurred in an area with a studied corridor. The assigned crashes can be checked if assigned properly with police reports and drawings available for this purpose. The new tool integrates the individual components of an urban corridor into a single rendering with a properly synthesized spatial pattern to emphasize pattern features at the expanded level of analysis. Filters and display settings allow displaying user-selected types of crashes and their distribution between various conditions and factors.

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collision diagram, corridor safety, crash pattern

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