Currently vehicles used by INDOT are more likely to be subject to maintenance and repair than to replacement. The extent of wear and tear on the vehicles is likely to be impacted by the lack of covered storage in all districts. There are many different levels of covered storage—from tent-like structures to completely covered garages to temperature-controlled environments—each of which has different associated costs. But the associated reduction in equipment wear, speed of startup of equipment, and perhaps better mileage may all reflect savings to INDOT. This project evaluates INDOT’s expected return on investment to create covered areas for equipment (vehicles, other assets), while also assessing the cost difference between vehicles left in covered versus uncovered areas.

This project can be used to benchmark certain lot sizes of equipment in order to decide whether or not implementing an indoor storage facility is efficient given the harsh conditions that the equipment may be facing during certain periods of the year. The information can be used to see the impact of weathering on snowplow trucks, the maintenance costs that can be reduced, and the payback period of building a shelter facility.

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