A seven-span concrete bridge was constructed over the Wabash River in Lafayette, Indiana. The bridge, which has a total length of 305 m (1,000 ft) and typical spans of 46 m (152 ft), consists of six hammerhead bridge piers in the center and two end bents supported on open-ended and closed-ended pipe piles, respectively. According to the structural bridge design, the dead load carried by each pile ranges from 1,014 kN (228 kips) to 1,495 kN (336 kips), whereas the live load ranges from 512 kN (115 kips) to 1,188 kN (267 kips), depending on the location of the piles. A closed-ended and an open-ended test piles (with the same, or almost the same diameter for the production pile) were instrumented at the Bowen Laboratory, transported to the construction site, then driven into the ground, and statically load tested. The report presents in detail the results of the site investigation, pile instrumentation procedure, pile driving records and interpretations of the static load test results.

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pile load test, gravel, bridge, foundation design, pile instrumentation

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Joint Transportation Research Program

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West Lafayette, Indiana

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