As part of a larger project to develop guidelines for the design of biotechnical approaches to streambank stabilization to be included in INDOT standard designs and specifications, a field assessment was undertaken of 26 sites, of which 13 were INDOT sites. Multiple techniques were frequently installed in combination, which resulted in 47 samples of 12 different techniques at the 26 sites. Each site was visited at least once and the measures were visually inspected for evi­dence of damage either to the measure or to the streambank being protected. Some of the field assessments were supplemented by interviews with designers involved in the INDOT projects; the general merits of biotechnical techniques were discussed together with those of specific tech­niques that might be included in a standard design. The assessment resulted in grouping the techniques into three broad categories: i) typically reliable techniques that could be used where tolerance for bank instability is very low, and generally involving hard armor, ii) potentially reliable techniques where the tolerance for bank instability is low to moderate, and iii) techniques that are appropriate only for special circumstances or to be used only in combination with measures from the other two groups.

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streambank stabilization, biotechnical approaches, soil bioengineering, bank erosion, field assessment

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Joint Transportation Research Program

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West Lafayette, Indiana

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