Constructability can be defined as incorporating knowledge into the design product or designing so it is easier to construct. Transportation facilities have suffered from this problem, with INDOT no exception. The most important feature of any constructability program is capturing field examples, commonly referred to as “lessons learned,” and archiving and retrieving them into future projects that are either similar or have similar conditions in order to eliminate or prevent the same mistakes from occurring again. A mechanism or tool that can perform this task would be a valuable asset for INDOT. A previous JHRP project title “An INDOT Lessons Learned Constructability Program and Integrated Multimedia System” developed a working tool prototype to be used for this purpose. This prototype tool demonstrated how constructability knowledge, through computer technologies and multimedia, can be provided electronically to designers. A follow-up project was needed to move the prototype to a full working version containing the latest “lessons learned” and that work was performed on this project. A description of the product is contained in this report, as well as an explanation of how to use the product, modify it, and maintain current information based on constructability knowledge. The tool has been named DICEP (Design Integrated Construction Engineering Platform) and will be referred to by this acronym.

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constructability, multimedia, lessons learned, computer, HPR-2106

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