Part I of the research focused on developing a methodology to identify and evaluate the most critical and vulnerable INDOT assets. This method aims at obtaining an index that reflects the vulnerability and criticality of an asset on the basis of multiple performance criteria. This methodology was tested on the seven INDOT districts. Because not all the factors that influence the vulnerability do have same weight, the analytical hierarchical process is used to obtain the weights for the criteria. Countermeasures are suggested as a part of the research to reduce the vulnerability of a given asset based on its relevant characteristics. The results included a list of top 25 critical assets in each district and a general methodology to combine different assets from districts to obtain a comprehensive statewide list. The research also includes recommendations to DOTs for identifying and assessing critical assets with respect to Vulnerability and Criticality.

Part II of the research focused on developing a blueprint for an INDOT Emergency Operations Plan that will effectively integrate its emergency response practices with the larger national and statewide emergency management framework. The Incident Command System was confirmed to be a good standard practice among state DOTs, which can be applied to enhance INDOT’s emergency response procedures. Other practices reviewed included communications, the application of Intelligent Transportation Systems to emergency response, and the use of Decision Support Systems to support emergency operations. A version of the Incident Command System for adoption by INDOT Districts and Central Office was developed. Finally, a structure was proposed for the development of an INDOT EOP.

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transportation security, vulnerability assessment, criticality, emergency response, asset protection, recovery, communications, continuity of operations, SPR-2872

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