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polymer material heat exchanger, resorption


Special heat exchanger made out of polymer materials have been developed and applied in refrigeration systems. The initial purpose was to provide corrosion resistant heat exchangers for the rejection of heat into sea water for an improved efficiency compared to regular air cooling of A/C and refrigeration system condensers. Another application was the corrosion resistant heat exchanger for heat rejection or heat extraction to resp. from ground source water in A/C and heat pump installations. In a further step the polymer material have been used as solution heat exchanger (HEX) for ammonia/water absorption-resorption cycles with the advantage that this fluid pair allows cooling below 0°C and that the resorption reduces the pressure level for a further extended application of polymer material heat exchangers. As a next option modified polymer HEX will be used as desorbers and absorbers in ammonia/water cycles. A further step leads to the application of polymer HEX equipment for evaporation and condensing in compression cycles with maximum pressure below 5 bar.