Supporters of project-based learning (PBL) argue that outcomes from the model include better performance in academic (Bell, 2010; Thomas, 2000) and non-academic outcomes (Saunders-Steward, Gyles, & Shore, 2010). The New Tech Network (NTN) is a school improvement network that provides training and development for high school faculty who commit to using project and/or problem-based learning as the primary instruction methodology (New Tech Network, 2017). This study uses qualitative data to investigate student perspectives of PBL across multiple disciplines at the high school level in NTN schools. Results suggest that students find value in the “hard work” they engaged in whilst completing PBL tasks. Moreover, students can articulate the value of their work and its applicability to a “real-world” setting. We argue that for PBL to work effectively, approaches to PBL from an interdisciplinary perspective must be balanced.



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