The paper was published in the conference proceedings of the 13th International Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Conference at Purdue, 2010.


The paper presents performance characteristics and an approach for mapping the performance of a variable-speed ductless heat pump system (DHP) operating in heating mode. This type of equipment is gaining popularity and is not currently included within building simulation programs that are typically used for design and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. Steady-state performance maps are needed for these simulation tools. Experiments were conducted on a DHP at various conditions and regression analysis was implemented to generate a model. Comparisons were made with data which were not used to derive the model and good accuracy was demonstrated. The resulting performance map was used to demonstrate trends in performance with operating conditions.


Empirical model, heat pump, power consumption, variable speed drive, ductless, performance


High Performance Buildings, Thermal Systems and Air Quality

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