This paper reports a method for converting versions 5 and 6 of the GTAP Data Base into a global SAM that is stored in both the GAMS data exchange (GDX) and Header Array (HAR) formats. The focus of attention is on the generation of a SAM representation of the GTAP Data Base that is fully consistent with the GTAP model; as such the resultant SAM can be readily used to calibrate a version of the GTAP model that had been coded in GAMS. The GAMS code used to generate the SAM representation of the GTAP Data Base is provided as a GAMS model library – this code has been tested with versions 5.3, 5.4 and 6.0 (pre release 5) of the GTAP Data Base.


software for CGE modeling, social accounting matrix, trade analysis, computable general equilibrium

Date of this Version

December 2004