Sensor networks enable a wide range of applications in both military and civilian domains. However, the deployment scenarios, the functionality requirements, and the limited capabilities of these networks expose them to a wide-range of attacks against control traffic (such as wormholes, rushing, Sybil attacks, etc) and data traffic (such as selective forwarding). In this paper we propose a framework called DICAS that mitigates such attacks by detecting, diagnosing, and isolating the malicious nodes. DICAS uses as a fundamental building block the ability of a node to oversee its neighboring nodes’ communication. On top of DICAS, we build a secure routing protocol, LSR, that provides additional protection against malicious nodes by supporting multiple node-disjoint paths. We analyze the security guarantees of DICAS and use ns-2 simulations to show its effectiveness against representative control and data attacks. The overhead analysis we present shows that DICAS is a lightweight protocol appropriate for securing resource constrained sensor networks.


sensor network security, neighbor monitoring, secure routing, control attack, data attack.

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