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Electric Vehicles, EVs, Public Policy Design, Transportation, Public Transportation


The Electric Vehicle industry has experienced recent sharp growth and expects to continue that. The primary goal of this project is to measure their popularity across different groups spread throughout the United States. The initial steps involved deciding the classification criteria, collecting data from over 250 public Twitter accounts using Twitter's API, and building a data set of those accounts. As the process continues, more data was added to establish uniformity in the data set and to reduce bias in the under-represented categories. This happend mainly because the number of private person accounts were greater in number than accounts from any other category by manifolds. To restore balance, more entries were added in other categories, and a few were reduced from private person category. Additionally, the faulty entries containg missing or incorrect data were removed as they clouded the data set. Categories were revised and data set was modified accordingly. Finally when the data set was large and uniform enough, spatial and descriptive analyses were done which revealed Washington, California, and Texas to be the most popular states in terms of Electric Vehicles on Twitter. Two of the three states have the same party in power and thus possibly similar public policy designs, along with this, climate change awareness could have also contributed towards the popularity of Electric Vehicles in these regions.