Investigation of Mechanical Properties of Recycled Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composites Reinforcing Cement

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Cement, Recycled Composites, Carbon Fiber


The usage of fiber-reinforced polymer composites in various fields has increased significantly due to their advantageous physical and mechanical properties. However, the sustainability of composite parts has not been fully solved for a long time. Most end-of-life (EOL) composite parts have been landfilled without recycling due to the recycling cost and lack of application of recycled composites. Mechanical composite recycling that shred the EOL composite part and reuse it for downgraded applications is one of the most commonly used recycling processes for the EOL composite part. In this research, mechanical composite recycling process was demonstrated for the construction application. The recycled carbon fiber reinforced composite part was mixed with cement and its mechanical properties were investigated. The size of the recycled composite additives was 25.4 mm x 25.4 mm. The flexural test specimens with different surface treated recycled composite additives and different additive contents were fabricated and tested.

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