The Data Information Literacy (DIL) Symposium was held at Purdue University from September 22nd to the 24th 2013. The objective of the DIL Symposium was to explore roles for practicing librarians in teaching competencies in data management and curation to graduate students and for attendees to develop strategies for creating instructional programs suitable for the needs of their students and faculty. More information about the DIL project is available from the project website: The content of the DIL Symposium was based on the experiences of the DIL Project teams in developing and implementing instruction programs in a range of science and engineering disciplines. The Symposium included presentations, posters, discussion and hands-on exercises.

The DIL Symposium and the DIL Project were funded by a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

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Data Information Literacy Scenarios Exercise
Presentations and Discussions
Data Information Literacy Interview Instruments
Data Information Literacy Competencies Exercise
Data Information Literacy Program Assessment Exercise