Librarians at Purdue University had the opportunity to develop a semester long data information literacy program to ten students in the College of Agriculture. The program was run as a pilot to test out ideas and approaches in teaching data literacy competencies to students. Topics included high level subjects such as data lifecycles, data management planning, metadata and sharing data, along with practical issues such as file naming conventions, developing a metadata record for a data set and depositing data into a repository. Materials in this case study include weekly lesson plans, slide decks, assignments, an application and other documents generated to support the pilot program.






Purdue University

Purdue_CoA_DILProgram2014_Application Form.docx (13 kB)
Appendix A: Data Literacy Pilot Program Application Form

Purdue_CoA_DILProgram2014_Cohort Description revised.docx (18 kB)
Appendix B: Data Literacy Pilot Program Cohort Recruitment

Purdue_CoA_DILProgram2014_Data_Presentation_Assignment.docx (18 kB)
Appendix C: Data Presentation Assignment

Purdue_CoA_DILProgram2014_Minute_Paper_Template.docx (14 kB)
Appendix D: College of Ag Data Cohort Reflection Paper Template

Purdue_CoA_DILProgram2014_Week1_Student_Survey.docx (68 kB)
Appendix E: Week 1 - Student Survey

Purdue_CoA_DILProgram2014_Week2_DMPAssignment.docx (16 kB)
Appendix F: Week 2 - DMP Assignment

Purdue_CoA_DILProgram2014_Week2_DMPs_Presentation_20140122.pptx (2105 kB)
Appendix G: Week 2 - DMP Presentation

Purdue_CoA_DILProgram2014_Week2_LessonPlan_DMPs.docx (20 kB)
Appendix H: Week 2 - DMP Lesson Plan

Purdue_CoA_DILProgram2014_Week3_DataLifecyclePresentation.pptx (1398 kB)
Appendix I: Week 3 - Data Lifecycle Presentation

Purdue_CoA_DILProgram2014_Week3_DLM_Assignment_Template.xlsx (13 kB)
Appendix J: Week 3 - DLM Assignment

Purdue_CoA_DILProgram2014_Week3_LessonPlan_DataLifecycles.docx (20 kB)
Appendix K: Week 3 - Data Lifecycle Lesson Plan

Purdue_CoA_DILProgram2014_Week4_LessonPlan_Discovery.docx (17 kB)
Appendix L: Week 4 - Discovery Lesson Plan

Purdue_CoA_DILProgram2014_Week5_LessonPlan_Metadata.docx (18 kB)
Appendix M: Week 5 - Metadata Lesson Plan

Purdue_CoA_DILProgram2014_Week5_MetadataAssignment.docx (15 kB)
Appendix N: Week 5 - Metadata Assignment

Purdue_CoA_DILProgram2014_Week5_MetadataPresentation_Barton.pptx (3598 kB)
Appendix O: Week 5 - Metadata Presentation

Purdue_CoA_DILProgram2014_Week6_LessonPlan_Storage_Metadata.docx (17 kB)
Appendix P: Week 6 - Storage and Metadata Lesson Plan

Purdue_CoA_DILProgram2014_Week6_Metadata_Form.docx (17 kB)
Appendix Q: Week 6 - Metadata Form

Purdue_CoA_DILProgram2014_Week7_Copyright_Licensing_Ferullo.pptx (759 kB)
Appendix R: Week 7 - Copyright/Licensing Presentation

Purdue_CoA_DILProgram2014_Week8_LessonPlan_Metadata_CheckIn.docx (19 kB)
Appendix S: Week 8 - Metadata Check-in Lesson Plan

Purdue_CoA_DILProgram2014_Week9_LessonPlan_Sharing_NameCon.docx (19 kB)
Appendix T: Week 9 - Data Sharing / File Naming Convention Lesson Plan

Purdue_CoA_DILProgram2014_Week9_NameCon_Example.docx (23 kB)
Appendix U: Week 9 - Naming Conventions Example

Purdue_CoA_DILProgram2014_Week9_NamingConventions.pptx (2215 kB)
Appendix V: Week 9 - Naming Conventions Presentation

Purdue_CoA_DILProgram2014_Week10_LessonPlan_Documentation.docx (19 kB)
Appendix W: Week 10 - Data Management & Documentation Lesson Plan

Purdue_CoA_DILProgram2014_Week11_LessonPlan_Visualization.docx (19 kB)
Appendix X: Week 11 - Visualization Lesson Plan

Purdue_CoA_DILProgram2014_Week12_LessonPlan_DataRepositories.docx (19 kB)
Appendix Y: Week 12 - Data Repositories Lesson Plan

Purdue_CoA_DILProgram2014_Week13_LessonPlan_Preservation.docx (20 kB)
Appendix Z: Week 13 - Preservation Lesson Plan

Purdue_CoA_DILProgram2014_Week13_Preservation_Dearborn.pptx (566 kB)
Appendix AA: Week 13 - Preservation Presentation

Purdue_CoA_DILProgram2014_Week14_Data_Publishing_Curation.docx (20 kB)
Appendix AB: Week 14 - Data Publishing/Curation

Purdue_CoA_DILProgram2014_Week14_DataPub_Curation_Matthews.pptx (7133 kB)
Appendix AC: Week 14 - Data Publishing/Curation Presentation

Purdue_CoA_DILProgram2014_Week15_Program_Evaluation_Questions.docx (16 kB)
Appendix AD: Week 15 - Program Evaluation and Questions