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Sustainable Development


The researcher is working on a project to establish a longitudinal data set that will look at the long term impact of sustainable development in the Nnindye community located in the Mpigi District in Uganda. She will conduct oral history interviews with community members and gather data on cultural, medical, medicinal, and agricultural practices. She plans to use the data to gauge the success of development projects and to gain a better understanding of cultural change as it occurs. The researcher believes that these interviews will be of interest to other researchers, practitioners, and the general public. However, the researcher does yet know what the best means are for making the data accessible. Because of the historical component of her research, she needs her data to be preserved indefinitely. Given that electricity and internet are not always readily available, the researcher needs to have a backup method that is reliable and allows her co-collaborators in the United States to access the data. The researcher is unaware of existing metadata standards for oral history and is unfamiliar with how to associate the coding with her data.