Creating Informed Learners in the Classroom (CILC) was an educational development program implemented at three research universities (Purdue University, University of Arizona, and University of Nebraska, Lincoln) between September 1, 2019 to August 31, 2024. The project was partially funded by the Institute for Museum and Libraries Services (IMLS; RE-13-19-0021). The purpose of the partnership was to enable academic library professionals to become curriculum developers who partnered with classroom instructors to create student projects that teach learners to creatively and effectively engage with information in disciplinary contexts. Fifteen teams across the three institutions completed a curriculum where they used informed learning design, an educational development model, to create and assess student projects where students learn disciplinary content while simultaneously learning to use information. The CILC team developed a handbook to help academic librarians or administrators at other institutions develop a similar program, and hosted a symposium in 2022 in which participants shared about the student projects that they co-designed. Both collections are available below.

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Creating Informed Learners in the Classroom Symposium 2022