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Disability Inclusion and Library Collections: Initiatives for Greater Access for All

Elizabeth German, Texas A & M University
Eric Hartnett, Texas A & M University

Landing the Job: Tips and Tricks to Prepare Students for the Job Hunt

Nora B. Wood, University of South Florida Libraries
Heather A. Howard, Purdue University Libraries
Lauren Reiter, Pennsylvania State University Libraries

Managing ETDs: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Dan Tam Do, University of Vermont
Laura Gewissler, University of Vermont

“Mr. Watson–Come here–I Want to See You”: Upgrading Your Tech Support Communications

J. Michael Thompson, Baylor University
Carol Seiler, EBSCO Information Services

Starting a Streaming Video Program on a Limited Budget

Cara M. Barker, Western Carolina University
Whitney P. Jordan, Western Carolina University
Jessica H. Zellers, Western Carolina University

What’s Past Is . . . Still Messing With Our Workflows

Jacqueline Whyte Appleby, Scholars Portal, Ontario Council of University Libraries