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Being Earnest in the New Normal

Anthea Stratigos, Outsell, Inc

Budgets, Services, and Technology Driving Change: How Librarians, Publishers and Vendors Are Moving Forward

Kittie Henderson, EBSCO Inforamtion Services
Meg White, Rittenhouse Book Distributors, Inc.

Crowd Sourcing of Reference and User Services

John G. Dove, Paloma & Associates
Tim Spalding, LibraryThing
Scott Johnson, ChiliFresh
Ilana Stonebraker, Purdue University

Driving Discovery: Do You Have the Keys to Fair Linking? (It’s About Knowledge and Library Control)

Todd Carpenter, NISO
Bruce Heterick, JSTOR | Portico
Scott Bernier, EBSCO Information Services

DRM: A Publisher-Imposed Impediment to Progress, or a Legitimate Defense of Publisher/Author Intellectual Property Rights

Adam Chesler, Business Expert Press/Momentum Press
Jim Dooley, University of California/Merced
David Parker, Alexander Street Press
Zac Rolnik, NOW Publishers

From Course Reserves . . . to Course Reversed? The Library’s Changing Role in Providing Textbook Content

Nicole Allen, SPARC
Charles Lyons, SUNY University of Buffalo
Bob Nardini, Ingram Library Services

Hyde Park Debate—Resolved: Wherever Possible, Library Collections Should Be Shaped by Patrons, Instead of by Librarians

Rick Anderson, University of Utah
David Magier, Princeton University

Let’s Talk: Bringing Many Threads Together to Weave the Scholarly Information Ecosystem

Laurie Goodman, GigaScience
Howard Ratner, CHORUS
Greg Tananbaum, ScholarNext Consulting
John Vaughn, Association of American Universities
T. Scott Plutchak, University of Alabama Birmingham

Online Learning, MOOCs, and More

Franny Lee, SIPX
Deanna Marcum, Ithaka S+R
Ann Okerson, CRL

Science Education Gone Wilde: Creating Science References That Work

John Rennie, McGraw-Hill Professional

The Long Arm of the Law

William Hannay, Schiff Hardin LLC
Laura Quilter, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Ann Okerson, Center for Research Libraries

The Punishment for Dreamers: Big Data, Retention, and Academic Libraries

Adam Murray, Murray State University Libraries

To Boldly Go Beyond Downloads: How Are Journal Articles Shared and Used?

Carol Tenopir, School of Information Sciences, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Gabriel Hughes, Elsevier
Lisa Christian, Center for Information and Communication Studies, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Suzie Allard, School of Information Sciences, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Dave Nicholas, CIBER
Anthony Watkinson, CIBER
Hazel Woodward, CIBER
Peter Shepherd, Project COUNTER
Robert Anderson, School of Information Sciences, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

We Sincerely Regret to Inform You That the Material You Have Requested Is Unavailable via Interlibrary Loan

Jennifer Duncan, Utah State University
Carol A. Kochan, Utah State University
Lars Leon, University of Kansas Main Campus

What Faculty Want Librarians to Know

Christine Fair, Georgetown University
Timothy Johnson, College of Charleston
Phil Richerme, Joint Quantum Institute
Jim O'Donnell, Georgetown University

What’s the Big Idea? Mellon, ARL, AAU, University Presses, and the Future of Scholarly Communication

Leila Salisbury, University Press of Mississippi
Raym Crow, SPARC
Helen Cullyer, The Andrew W Mellon Foundation
Barbara Kline Pope, The National Academies
Charles Watkinson, University of Michigan Library