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A Guided Tour of Issues and Trends: The Thirteenth Annual Health Sciences Lively Lunch

Wendy Bahnsen, Rittenhouse Book Distributors, Inc.
Deborah D. Blecic, University of Illinois at Chicago
Robin Champieux, Oregon Health and Science University
Elizabeth Ketterman, East Carolina University
Ramune K. Kubilius, Northwestern University
Marysue Schaffer, Washington University
Anneliese Taylor, University of California, San Francisco
Andrea Twiss-Brooks, University of Chicago

Bitter Coffee and Watered-Down Bourbon: Lessons for Libraries from Chase and Sanborn Coffee and Maker’s Mark

Corey Seeman, University of Michigan

Changing Operations of Academic Libraries

Allen McKiel, Western Oregon University
Jim Dooley, University of California, Merced
Robert Murdoch, Brigham Young University

Doing More with Less: Exploring Batch Processing and Outsourcing in Academic Libraries

Patrick J. Roth, Grand Valley State University
Jeffrey D. Daniels, Grand Valley State University

Electronic Resource Management: Functional Integration in Technical Services

George Stachokas, Purdue University

How Is That Going to Work? Rethinking Acquisitions in a Next-Generation ILS

Kathleen Spring, Linfield College
Megan Drake, Pacific University
Siôn Romaine, University of Washington

It Can Be Done! Planning and Process for Successful Collection Management Projects

Fran Rosen, Ferris State University
Pamela Grudzien, Central Michigan University
W. Lee Hisle, Connecticut College
Patricia A. Tully, Wesleyan University

Pitch Perfect: Selling to Libraries and Selling Libraries to Nonusers

Mark Sandler, CIC Center for Library Initiatives
David Celano, Springer
Melissa Loy-Oakes, ProQuest
Marianne Ryan, Northwestern University

Proving the Value of Library Collections Part II: An Interdisciplinary Study Using Citation Analysis

Amalia Monroe-Gulick, University of Kansas
Lea Hill Currie, University of Kansas

Questions about Academic Librarians: Factors Influencing Our Academic Identity

Shin Freedman, Framingham State University

Rebranding the Library: Generating Visibility in the Virtual Age

Jeremy Frumkin, University of Arizona
Rachel Kessler, Ex Libris

Resolved, Every Librarian a Subject Librarian: Implementing Subject Librarianship Across a Research Library

Steven E. Smith, University of Tennessee
Deborah L. Thomas, University of Tennessee
Alan H. Wallace, University of Tennessee

Rompiendo Barreras: Reorganizing Technical and Digital Services in a Small Academic Library

Jonathan H. Harwell, Rollins College
Sharon P. Williams, Rollins College

The Magic of (A)ffective Management

Ryan Weir, Indiana State University

Venturing from the “Back Room”: Do Technical Services Librarians Have a Role in Information Literacy?

Laura Turner, University of San Diego
Alejandra Nann, University of San Diego

Working Better Together: Library, Publisher, and Vendor Perspectives

Maria Collins, North Carolina State University
Mary Somerville, University of Colorado Denver
Nicole Pelsinsky, Serials Solutions
Aaron Wood, Alexander Street Press

You Cannot Have Too Much Electronic Resources Staffing

Shade Aladebumoye, Auburn University
Nadine P. Ellero, Auburn University
Paula Sullenger, Auburn University