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By Popular Demand: Building a Consortial Demand‐Driven Program

Xan Arch, Reed College
Robin Champieux, Oregon University
Susan Hinken, University of Portland
Emily McElroy, Oregon Health & Science University
Joan Thompson, YBP Library Services

Demand-Driven Success: Designing Your PDA Experiment

Charles Hillen, Loyola Marymount University
Glenn Johnson-Grau, Loyola Marymount University

Discovery by the Numbers: An Examination of the Impact of a Discovery Tool through Usage Statistics

Jody Fagan, James Madison University
Meris Mandernach, James Madison University

Discovery Systems are No Different: We Must Still Teach Searchers How to Become Researchers

Craig Leonard Brians, Virginia Tech
Bruce Pencek, Virginia Tech

End User Tools for Evaluating Scholarly Content

Carol Anne Meyer, CrossRef

Experiences from the Field: Choosing a Discovery Tool for YOUR Unique Library

Jennifer Castaldo, Johns Hopkins University
Christine Korytnyk Dulaney, American University
Tom Klingler, Kent State University
Doralyn Rossmann, Montana State University
Laura Wrubel, George Washington University

Getting to the Heart of the Matter: What Faculty Tell Us about How Our Collections Support Student Learning

Marcia Thomas, Illinois Wesleyan University

Giving Them What They Need (and Want): Computer Science and Engineering Customers

Ellen Safley, University of Texas at Dallas

Moving Toward the User-Centered Library: Learning Behaviors and Their Impact on Library Planning

Leah M. Dunn, Guilford College

Partnering for Patron‐Driven Acquisitions: What You Need to Know

Ashley Bailey, YBP Library Services
Molly Royse, University of Tennessee
Deb Thomas, University of Tennessee
Gail Watson, University of Tennessee

Patron‐Driven Acquisition Practices of U.S. Research Libraries: East vs. West

Jennifer Duncan, Utah State University
Jeff Carroll, Columbia University

Patron‐Driven E‐book Solutions: Moving Beyond the Banana Books Incident

Gabrielle Wiersma, University of Colorado Boulder
Yem Fong, University of Colorado Boulder

Relevancy Redacted: Web-Scale Discovery and the “Filter Bubble”

Corey Davis, Royal Roads University

Technical Services Talk: Fostering Faculty Collaboration through Reorganization and Communication

Kyle McCarrell, Augusta State University
LouAnn Blocker, Augusta State University

The Patrons Demand, But What Do They Really Want?

Forrest Link, The College of New Jersey
Yuki Tosaka, The College of New Jersey
Cathy Weng, The College of New Jersey

The Role of Reference in Discovery Systems: Effecting a More Literate Search

Will Wheeler, Georgetown University

Understanding the 21st Century Research Landscape: Emerging Trends and Needs Within and Across Disciplines

Mike Diaz, Proquest
Audrey Powers, University of South Florida
Corey Seeman, University of Michigan
Dennis Brunning, Arizona State University

Understanding the 21st Century Research Landscape: Emerging Trends and Needs Within and Across Disciplines—Perspectives from a Business Library

Corey Seeman, University of Michigan

Untapped Resources: Graduate Assistants and Collection Development

Lily Todorinova, University of South Florida
Brittany Rhea Deputy, University of South Florida

Win Friends and Influence Faculty: Methods for Citation Analysis

Leslie Farison, Appalachian State University