Recruiting in higher education is a process that has been an evolving process since it first began. The most traditional methods for recruiting have been through print, web, and campus visits. However, with new social media like Facebook, Twitter, and other services, many universities have adopted the new media for recruiting purposes. Social media, coupled with a more technologically adept population of prospective students forces universities and colleges to look at an increasing number of mediums for recruiting. There is a lack of literature that documents the usefulness of the newer social media outlets. This study was designed to determine how effective different media (print, web, and social media) is in recruiting prospective students, and also to determine who influenced the students in the decision making process. For this research, first semester freshmen in the College of Technology at Purdue University were surveyed to determine how print, web, and social media is perceived by students. This paper will detail the results of the web survey conducted in the Spring of 2011.

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