This research study aims to find the relationship between the scores for the Purdue Spatial Visualization test (PSVT) and the Wonderlic Personnel test (WPT) for American collegiate football players. Fifty-five collegiate football players took part in the study by attempting the PSVT and the WPT. The scores on these tests were compared to find if there existed a correlation between the scores on both these tests. The results showed that the scores on both these tests had a significant correlation with respect to each other. But, the group that took the WPT before the PSVT showed a lower correlation between the scores. It was also observed that the age of the participants had a low/negative correlation to the scores on both the PSVT and the WPT, which can be a important topic of future research. The study proposes a more dynamic visualization measurement, which will be able to help scouts and coaches predict performance of athletes over a period of time.


#AmericanFootball #SpatialVisualization #MentalImagery #visualization #wonderlic #testing #sportsanalytics #sportspsychology #cognition

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