Demo Overview: Privacy-Enhancing Features of IdentiDroid


As privacy today is a major concern for mobile systems, network anonymizers are widely available on smartphones systems, such as Android. However, in many cases applications are still able to identify the user and the device by means different from the IP address. In this demo we show two solutions that address this problem by providing application-level anonymity. The first solution shadows sensitive data that can reveal the user identity. The second solution dynamically revokes Android application permissions associated with sensitive information at run-time. In addition, both solutions offer protection from applications that identify their users through traces left in the application's data storage or by exchanging identifying data messages. We developed IdentiDroid, a customized Android operating system, to deploy these solutions, and built IdentiDroid Profile Manager, a profile-based configuration tool for setting different configurations for each installed Android application.


Android; IdentiDroid; Anonymity; Permissions; Shadowing

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