Background: This brief report presents a potential new technique for locating the sites of origin of focal atrial tachycardias from standard 12-lead electrocardiograms. Methods: Estimated P wave vector coordinates are derived from leads I, aVF, V1 and V2, and mapped to a three dimensional coordinate system in space. A simple graphical method is used to find the back projection of the P wave vector onto the surface of atrial muscle to estimate the most likely site of origin of the tachycardia. Results: Graphical back projection correctly identified foci of atrial tachycardias in 19 of 19 cases described in the most complete available published study. Conclusions: Clinical studies are indicated to validate this simple method for initial noninvasive evaluation of candidates for ablation therapy.


This is the publisher PDF of Babbs, CF. "A potential new technique to estimate the origins of focal atrial tachycardias from 12-lead electrocardiograms," Journal of Hypertension and Cardiology. 2(1): 17. 2016. It is made available CC-BY.


Ablation, algorithm, foci, supraventricular tachycardia, vector

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