Results of irradiation-hyperthermia treatment in 11 dogs with naturally occurring hemangiopericytomas are reported. Similarities of canine and human hemangiopericytomas are described. Orthovoltage X-irradiation followed by microwaveinduced hyperthermia resulted in a 91% objective response rate. A statistical procedure was given to evaluate quantitatively the clinical behavior of locally invasive, nonmetastatic tumors in dogs that were undergoing therapy for control of local disease. The procedure used a small sample size and demonstrated distribution of the data on a scaled response as well as transformation of the data through classical parametric and nonparametric statistical methods. These statistical methods set confidence limits on the population mean and placed tolerance limits on a population percentage. Application of the statistical methods to human and animal clinical trials is apparent.


This is the author accepted manuscript of Richardson R.C., Anderson V.L., Voorhees, W.D., Blevins W.E., Inskeep T.K., Janas W., Shupe R.E., Babbs C.F., Radiation/hyperthermia in canine hemangiopericytomas: a large-animal model for therapeutic response, Journal of the National Cancer Institute 73, 1187-1194, 1984. Copyright Oxford University Press, the version of record is available at https://doi.org/10.1093/jnci/73.5.1187.

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cancer, carcinoma, clinical response, lymphoma, sarcoma, small sample size, statistical methods.