The Proceedings of the BIRS Community


The mission of the Biotechnology Innovation and Regulatory Science Center is to educate and train students to become global leaders and innovators to advance discovery and development, especially in areas related to biotechnology, and to meet global health needs with an initial focus on Africa. We accomplish this mission through innovative knowledge-based programs in STEM areas, an emphasis on interdisciplinary collaboration, and an emphasis on engaging industry.

Currently we are publishing the following categories of work:

  1. Technical Reports
  2. Literature Reviews
  3. Translational Discovery
  4. Research into Practice

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Recent Content

Literature Reviews


Product Information Report: Gentamicin
Stephen Byrn, Kari Clase, Zita Ekeocha, and Farai Masekela

Technical Reports


Investigating Using R, s, and x Charts in Monitoring Performance of Laboratory Equipment
Mercy Okezue, Stella Ebonine, Amoreen Naluyima, Emeka Akobundu, William Boogere-Wakaalo, Lasisi Olayonu, Rhoda Olayonu, Emanuel Akpan, Abubakar Umar, Kikundwa Emma Mbabazi, Nkem C. Ifudu, Andrew Mukungu, Zita Ekeocha, Stephen Byrn, and Kari Clase


Evaluating Active Content in Chloramphenicol Ophthalmic Solutions Available in a Low-Resource Setting: A Case Study
Mercy Okezue, Daniel T. Smith, Kelvin Musaya, Nsabo Kihore, Zita Ekeocha, Timothy Nowak, Susan Roth, Mikyung Lee, Michael Stepanovic Jr., Holly L. Maize, Adebola Adekoya, Stephen Byrn, and Kari Clase


Improving Market Access with a Lean Approach to Quality
Bri'an Bigirwa, Zita Ekeocha, Stephen Byrn, and Kari Clase

Research into Practice


GMP in the QC Laboratory and Analytical Method Validation
Stephen Byrn, Zita Ekeocha, Martin Hynes, Roger Ongosi, and Kari Clase


Molecular Basis of Manufacturing
Stephen Byrn and Kari Clase