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xiv + 311




"Literary Skinheads? is a very nuanced, meticulously researched and vividly written study of a series of important debates in German literary circles since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the rapid political transformations that have accompanied German unification. No other book in the English-speaking world offers such a comprehensive survey of the legacy of radical conservative ideas in German political life. Rosellini not only offers trenchant interpretations of major political controversies of the last decade in Germany, but he also provides the necessary background information needed to make sense of these important public debates." Elliott Neaman, author of A Dubious Past: Ernst Junger and the Politics of Literature after Nazism.



Publication Date

Fall 10-15-2000


Purdue University Press


West Lafayette, IN


Germany, Romanticism, Schacht, Schwilk, German New Right, conservatism


Critical and Cultural Studies | Eastern European Studies | German Literature | Modern Literature | Political History | Race, Ethnicity and Post-Colonial Studies | Social History | Social Influence and Political Communication